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Anita's Story
Anita Ricca Natural Skincare was first created in 1986. Working as an esthetician for the five previous years she noticed that natural based products were less irritating and more effective skin treatments. Then after working for a cosmetic laboratory she decided to create her own product line. Her formulations also included knowledge she had acquired while studying in Switzerland. Her line began with just 6 products.

Then in 1993 after pursuing more formalized training world wide including the internationally known Micheline Arcier School for Aromatherapy. She then expanded her product natural skin care line and also created Essenza Naturale Aromatherapy. Anita continued to blend natural essential oils in her salon for treatments. With regular salon treatments and home use of the products, Anita's clients found relief from fatigue, emotional distress, cold & allergy symptoms and premenstrual discomfort. Most significant was the experience of true relaxation and renewed vitality.

These results inspired her to develop a product line that would meet the needs of people seeking natural treatments for their total well being. This desire, no different than those of the ancient Greeks and Romans, led Anita to countries along the Mediterranean and Aegean seas. In these regions, she personally procured the purest of essences. And by traveling to these places, Anita was able to meet with local people whose ancestors have produced natural plant essential oils for hundreds of years.

This first hand experience allowed her to understand the importance between the technique for extracting essential oils and the effectiveness of their therapeutic value. This knowledge, combined with select recipes handed down through the ages, has resulted in Essenza Naturale's specially blended products and Anita Ricca's Natural Skincare.
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