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In the early 90's Anita Ricca introduced glycolic peels and paramedical make-up and skin care to her practice. These services accelerated her practice and it doubled. She gained respect from the medical community as Director of the American Cancer Society's "Look Good Feel Better" program and for lectures and demonstrations she gave at TIRR, VA Hospital, Association of Dermatology Nurses, and the Heart-Lung Transplant Center at Methodist Hospital in Houston, Texas. Now she's offering her years of experience to you in the following training classes.

INTRO TO CHEMICAL PEELS, DERMAPLANING AND MICRONEEDLING This class will give you an overview and live demonstration of these three specialized treatments. Types of supplies and products used for these treatments will also be discussed plus learning to choose the proper treatment for your clients skin type. 3 hour course - $85.00

CHEMICAL PEELING TRAINING Learn the most important basic chemical peels. Understand how to choose different strengths and combinations of peels to create optimum results for specific skin types. Frequency of peeling modalities greatly affects the outcome. Correct booking and timing will make your clients happier and increase your profits. Supplies included. Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic and Mandelic acids will be used. 4 hour course - $175

ADVANCED PEELING TRAINING Learn the techniques for layering peels and using more advanced peels that remain in the skin. TCA 10%, Jessner's, resorcinol, azeliac, kojic acid, and combination peels. All supplies included. 4 hour course - $175

MICRONEEDLE TREATMENT TRAINING Learn the safe application of microneedling for specific skin types and conditions. Understand localized treatment for scarring and fine lines, and most importantly, the theory of how microscopic wounding with growth factor products provides the perfect environment for scar free wound healing. All information for proper sterilization and aftercare protocol will be discussed in detail. A take home manual will be included. 8 hour course - limit to four per class - $ 600.00

DERMAPLANING TREATMENT TRAINING This class will teach you the most sophisticated dermaplaning techniques for aesthetic and medical based practices. Dermaplaning can be a simple, non-chemical, way of removing excess skin cells from the epidermis. The treatments may be done on all skin types and in combination with chemical peels, microcurrent, and oxygen infusions. Take home instructions and starter kit included. 6 hour course - limit four per class - $350.00

AROMATHERAPY TRAINING Use of essential oils to treat specific conditions and their safe use on the skin and in facial treatments. Only true therapeutic natural essential oils that have clinically proven results will be used for all treatments. Learn to safely blend and recommend products for your clients. Take home kit and manual will be provided. 4 hour course - limit 4 per class - $150

Please call for all other inquiries or private traing (713) 528-6004 or for dates and times go to http://www.advancedfacialtraining.com
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